Not So Surprising But Effective 7 Beauty Tips For Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are the #professionals. Why? Because together flight attendants spend over 200 hours in the air a month! That’s more airport time than we’ve had all year. So, click in here to get all their in-flight skin care secrets just in time for your coming holiday break.

Before that, below are the sneak peek of the 7 beauty tips from #popsugar and some of my recommendations.

  • Water is an in-flight essential. The small cups they bring around during the food service are not enough. Plus, plane air is very dry. Why? Because the air at such high altitudes has very little moisture, making the cabin air dry. That is what makes your skin feel even dehydrated. Hence, try to drink at least 1-2L of #structured water aka spring water for every six hours of flying.
  • Downsize your beauty items. Some brands come in #travel-size bottle options, but flight attendants rely on the empty jars at places like your local drugstore and pick up the travel-safe containers that won’t leak.
  • Use #natural organic ingredients moisturizer, in order to combat the dry air in the plane, you’ll need to pack a face lotion, a lip balm, and an eye cream.
  • Losing your luggage isn’t the only thing you have to think about, you have to worry about the higher levels of radiation that you are going to expose to at high altitudes. The higher the altitude and the higher the latitude, the more radiation. OK, don’t freak out. Pilots are exposed to more radiation than even nuclear-plant workers, but they spend hours on end in the cockpit. Hence, it is important for flight attendants to keep replenishing their body with the right foods, that is, #antioxidant-rich meals or snacks. Sip green tea during the flight, and opt for a kale salad and fruit over the in-flight pretzels or unhealthy artificial snacks. You can also find skin care products rich in vitamins A, C, and E.


#Notsosurprising But Effective 7 #BeautyTips For #FlightAttendants.

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