Quick Guide: Expert Tips for Looking Glam When You Fly

#Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendants present to you… The Art Of Flying!

When Virgin Atlantic flight attendants walk through an airport—in a V-formation, of course—people stop in their tracks. Everyone wants to be them, with that perfect shade of red lipstick and sleek hair no matter the altitude. Since the art of flying in 2013 has lost more than a tad of luster, #Virgin proves that gallivanting can still be glamorous!

Gorgeous FA

In order to make sure every last uniformed staff member walks the Virgin walk with an effortless French twist or manscaped beard, #SirRichardBranson puts trainees through an intensive grooming day. Both guys and gals learn about sky-high skin care, makeup tips, and airtight hairstyles.

FA make up

Trish Friesen booked it to London to crash the course to learn how to look her best at 30,000 feet. She got the head-to-toe #VirginMakeover complete with a fitted red uniform. “Sky-high glam is actually simple, you just need to know a few high-impact tricks and you’re on your way to looking sexy in the sky,” says Trish. What did she learn? Click here to read more on #TrishFriesen’s glamorous #quickguide makeover trip in London!

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