Wrong Ways To Drink Water

Dear #flight attendants, as you all already might know that working long hours in an airplane cabin can easily dry up your skin and hence, you will drink lots of water during your flight. But, do you make these #mistakes when it comes to #drinking water?

Mistake no. 1. You only drink water when you are thirsty. Even if you drink it, you drink a gallon of it at one go as fast as you can!

Mistake no.2 You think that every kind of water will be good enough as long as it is purified/ alkaline/ being filtered/reverse osmosis?

Mistake no.3 Water has no taste, so instead of drinking water, you choose to drink other type of “water” with “other ingredients” added into in order to let it taste better like coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, sugary fruit drinks and still thinking that you might already have drinking enough liquids throughout the day?

Well, there is no right or wrong if you already did so or chose to continue to do so. It’s just that if you did so, you could never get or experience the full benefits that water will bring to you efficiently and effectively! And there are always consequences of doing anything. And you might even depletes your energy level more throughout the day without realizing it because you are putting your body system into different type of chaos condition in the long term if you chose to consume water these ways.

Now, let’s dive into why mistake no.1 will bring harm to your body.

If you only drink water ONLY when you are thirsty, your body will get panics, as if they are not going to have water and they going to lose more of it since water, unlike fats and proteins, the human body has no stored water to draw on during #dehydration. And hence, when body system gets panic, it retains more of it and hence, you get oedema (the “water fat” look instead of “baby fat” look, that is, you will look puffy and fat most of the time during the day). So, it is crucial that you must never wait till you #thirsty then only you drink it!

In fact, the first thing you should do in the morning is to consume about 17 oz (500 mL/2 cups) pure water after waking before having any form of breakfast! Properly re-hydrate yourself is one of the best way to stay energized and feel good all day. This also doesn’t cost anything or require any fancy supplements! How to do it? Well, always have a big bottle of water next to you, so that it reminds you of drinking it always. But water does not taste good! Well, then squeeze two or three lemons or limes into each litre (L) of water and drink it throughout the day!


No. 2 If you were that kind of person who drink a big gallon of water ALL AT ONCE, in a SHORT TIME FRAME way too fast and too much that your kidneys do not have the enough time and speed to excrete it out, then you will experience water intoxication. Why? Because your kidney can only expel about 500mL at most in an hour. You will be in danger when excess water retain in your body and unable to expel thru kidneys. Thus, water can intoxicate you by diluting your blood, makes your brain cells swell, and makes you feel nausea, vomiting, dizzy, etc when drinking too much of it (litres rather than cupfuls), all at once too quickly. Drinking excessive amount of water is linked to many of the extreme sweating problems that a person would suffer from.

Besides, drinking large amount of water, particularly at the end of the day, can disrupt sleep. As extra fluid working its way through your system is likely to override the effect of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone that help slow down kidney function and stop us feeling the need to urinate during the night and help us sleep better), fill your bladder and have you getting up in the small hours and can be difficult to fall back to sleep. But by far, more people are in dehydration condition chronically that they don’t even realizing it, rather than having a problem with over-hydration. And hence, drink water often in the right amount to get yourself re-hydrated most of the time throughout the day!

Your kidney can only expel about 500mL at most in an hour. Hence, you should never stress your kidney by drinking too much of water all at once as fast as you can.

3_think_outside_bottleSo, you might ask, how much water per day we should drink only consider the right amount of water every single day? Drink 3.5L of water per day. Why 3.5L? Because even just a 3% loss in body water-volume will be enough to causes you fatigue and can cause organ dysfunction; whereas a 10% loss can be life-threatening. Water intake requirements can vary according to individual needs and circumstances. But under a normal conditions for an active fulfilling lifestyle, 3.5L of water per day of pure water is recommended. Break it down into smaller ounces each time throughout the day and start your day with drinking 500mL (~16oz) of water to gently wake your body system up in the morning since there is no water being pump into our body while we are asleep.

As for people who are active in the gym, you can drink 20 ounces of water an hour before you hit the gym. Why? Because it takes 60 minutes for the liquid to travel from your gut to your muscles. Exercise will blunts your thirst mechanism, you lose fluid so rapidly that the brain can’t respond in time, so you need to hydrate before you dehydrate, says Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

And last but not least, the 3.5L of water should be excluding the water-based beverages like coffees, sodas, or any ready made juices as these drinks contain ingredients that can activate your kidneys and cause you lose much water volume you needed throughout the day.

Coffees, sodas, or any ready made juices as these drinks contain ingredients that can activate your kidneys and cause you lose much water volume you needed throughout the day.





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