Surprising Facts About Food Pyramids Evolutions

1943 food wheel

Photo Source: Good Magazine

Before MyPlates and Food Pyramids There Was the 1943 “Food Wheel”

and when butter, meat, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, etc were its own food group. Let me re-introduce you: The 1943 Food Wheel!

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Ever wonder why in the world your older relatives ate a diet consisting of meat, potatoes and butter (and, perhaps, were more than a bit jealous)? In fact, this is a more healthy way to live with as compared to the Food Pyramids OR the Diabetes Dietary Guidelines! Follow these two guidelines, if you wish to get chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high uric acid, and other inflammatory auto-immune diseases… if not, please don’t ever follow!

The above poster is from World War II. It was put out to help people deal with food shortages during the war. And the federal government advised us to eat from a food wheel featuring the “Basic Seven.” Butter and fortified margarine had their own food group!

Yet, this is not to say we should go back to eating like Uncle Sam told our grandparents to eat, but it’s a visual reminder that the federal government has long had a hand in making our meals.

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