The 4 Powerful Ways To Change A Habit

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What feelings truly push people outside their #comfortzone? – #jimrohn #darrenhardy

Well, habits begin to change when we begin to change our perceptions.

Most of us don’t experience a cataclysmic transformation. No, for most of us change comes as an evolutionary process of almost imperceptible changes. We just keep nudging ourselves in the right direction, forming one or two better habits.

But what really makes us sit up and take notice? What really causes us to shed our old habits and take action?

  1. Disgust with ourselves.
  2. Making a decision when our backs are to the wall.
  3. Desire that won’t be extinguished.
  4. Resolve to do or die.

Emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Under the power of emotions, human beings can perform the most heroic (as well as barbaric) acts. To a great degree, civilization itself can be defined as the intelligent channeling of human emotion. Emotions are fuel and the mind is the pilot, which together propel the ship of civilized progress.

Wisdom from Jim Rohn.


2 thoughts on “The 4 Powerful Ways To Change A Habit

  1. Splendid Recipes says:

    Short article, but powerful and too the point. I have learned when I am hit with powerful demoralizing emotions, I tell myself, later you won’t feel like this, don’t quit or give up.

    I will get in my car to go to local coffee house just to have a short up lifting conversation with the baristas, or pick up my iphone to see what others have said about my posts on Instagram, Facebook, tweeter, who’s shared my posts on G+ or pinned and liked my stuff on Pinterest and it changes my thinking (sometimes it doesn’t work – but most the time it is).

    And then there are articles like yours that are encouraging!!

    Sometimes I feel like quitting my blogs (have two one is a foodie, and other is nutrition and health), but I keep getting encouraging responses from my newsletter readers. Even one of my brothers told me once, you can’t quit, people rely on you for the health information and wonderful food you blog and write about.


    • Kay Chong says:

      You’ve brighten up my day too! Happy to hear that! And yes, never give up. And i remember there is one quote saying that,” The moment you feel like quitting, is usually the moment right before a miracle happens! So, don’t give up!”

      Liked by 1 person

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