27 Clever Kitchen Hacks

kitchen hacks

Photo Credit: Canva

27 clever #kitchen #hacks at organizing the kitchen so the rest of the summer goes smoothly and you’re not panicking trying to find the grill spatula and basting brush at the last possible second.Let’s look at a few hacks below on how Laura Vitto prep tricks for everything from storing pesky pot lids to super quick ways to slice cherry tomatoes.

1. Freeze coffee into ice cubes to avoid a watery cold brew.


Image: Flickr, Why Not Linh Vu


2.  Use towel racks or self-adhesive hanging strips to hang pot lids from cabinet doors.


3. Separate bulk meat into separate plastic bags and flatten before freezing.


Image: TwinsTwice


4. Use two plates and a large, sharp knife to slice large groups of cherry tomatoes.

cut cherry tomato.gif

Image: Kroffty


5. Use duct tape to loosen the top of a jar.

open lid

Image: Gifak.net


Full story at Mashable.


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