Quick Guide: How To Nap Effectively Using Coffee Nap


Power naps can be a way to #supercharge your day and enhance your daily #performance. But what kind of #nap works?  What if I’m not good at napping?

Well, you don’t have to fall into a deep sleep for a coffee nap to work. Half-sleep or “nonsleep dozing” has proven to be just as effective. Besides, as infographic illustration above, it’s important not to sleep any longer than 20 minutes (the caffeine nap section). Why? Because by sleeping more than that, you can fall into sleep inertia, which is harder to wake from.

And so, which kind of nap works? The Coffee Nap! Here is why…

What is coffee nap? Drinking a cup of good quality coffee followed by a 20-minute rest can give you an effective rest that fuels your afternoon.  Some call it a coffee nap; we call it Flight Attendant’s Power Nap. And yep, you read that right… sleep and coffee go hand in hand to boost your performance when you use them together correctly.

Why coffee nap? Coffee nap is powered by science and a quick coffee nap is a superd way to boost your energy and productivity during your day because of what goes on in your brain as it’s happening. Scientists have directly observed the behavioral and cognitive effectiveness of the coffee nap and say that it’s more productive than coffee or naps on their own. In several UK studies, researchers found that when subjects took a 15 minute coffee nap, they scored higher on a driving simulator test. In Japan, scientists founds their subjects scored higher on memory tests after coffee naps.  Subjects also claimed they felt less tired.

How it worksWhen you drink caffeine, it passes to your small intestine and gets absorbed into your bloodstream. It then kickstarts your brain chemistry by blocking receptors that normally filled by similar energy transferring molecules of Adenosine, a chemical compound in your brain known for causing drowsiness. Adenosine makes you feel sleepy by slowing down your brain’s nerve cell activity; so when caffeine binds to your receptors instead of Adenosine, the reverse happens… When caffeine takes Adenosine’s place in the receptors, it has the opposite effect; the nerve cells speed up giving us that jolt of caffeine energy and focus.

And from the moment you drink your coffee to the moment you metabolize it is about 20 minutes of pure opportunity to not only rest, but to open up those Adenosine receptors to the caffeine you just imbibed, since coffee nap naturally clears Adenosine from your brain when you have that short nap. 

And most importantly, Coffee Nap is best for when you’re traveling or jet lagged for a quick burst of rejuvenation, boost energy and so that you could enjoy your day. Besides, the coffee nap formula is pretty straightforward. Find a quiet corner at work or home, and give it a try (as illustrated above).

In addition, for your extra informations, some organizations do have napping rooms too! “Sleep is a performance enhancement tool,” says Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington. HuffPost was featured on The Today Show. Check out what they had to say.


How to Nap Effectively infographic by smithapat.

Read more on Bulletproof Power Nap.



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