The Unconventional Way In Beating Jet Lag

FA Jet Lag

The Unconventional Guide On How To Thrive After Long Hours Flight Duty For Flight Attendants [Episode 1]

Dear Flight Attendants,

Start the countdown right now-

This can be the last day you ever feel rotten and less energetic!

Because – in as little as seven short days you can start saying goodbye to lethargy, chronic fatigue – the most often overlooked, dangerous, accumulative, and completely hidden cause of any future chronic diseases and painful illness that medical science hardly recognized until now.

FA illnesses

Why chronic fatigue is a health concern to you? Shift work, or working at night, and traveling across different time zones will disrupt normal sleep patterns. This can cause jet lag, which results in fatigue and difficulty sleeping. Disrupted sleeping habits can change anyone’s hormone levels, mood, causes injuries, stomach and intestinal discomfort and other health problems. Plus, further stress will be added to your body while you are flying, such as exposed to radiation from space. These conditions have raised concerns that flight attendants may have higher risk of certain health conditions and cancers. In fact, researchers have found evidence that jet lag causesprofound disruption” to more than 1,000 genes, including many that are normally drawn upon to maintain, repair and protect the body.

Meaning that you are constantly expose under different kind of stress conditions that will age your body system quickly and makes you look 10 years older. One of the most striking findings from the study is that jet lag and nightshift work had a similar effect on gene activity to aging. As people age, the daily rise and fall of gene expression becomes less pronounced. “With mistimed sleep we lose the strength of the signal, as it were, and we know that is also lost in ageing,” said Archer.

Normal travellers who get circadian disruption after a single flight will recover after 1-2 weeks. But as a flight attendants, you are continually exposed to chronic circadian rhythm disruption. Some of you may have higher exposure to circadian disruption than most of your coworkers and thus may be at greater risk for possible health effects, such as airways diseases, sinusitis, allergies, severe headache, memory loss, lack of concentration, long term fatigue, joint aches, muscles weakness, foot pain, back pain, bloating, anxiety, etc etc etc…


The Conventional Way To Combat Jet Lag

Hence, in order to reduce circadian disruption exposures, below are some conventional recommendations & guidelines that you might already be practicing:

  1. You do your best to reduce your time working on very long flights (even though the seniority, lifestyle, and personal issues might affect the ability to make these choices), flights that cross many time zones, or flights scheduled for when you are normally asleep at home. These are flight conditions that tend to increase the amount of circadian disruption the aircrew is exposed to.
  2. You do your best to adopt the good sleeping hygienes, that is using ear plugs, eye masks, sleep in cool room, try to avoid alcohols and caffeine, spicy meals and even avoid using backlit electronic screens before bedtime.

Albeit, you might still feel that your energy is always low, tired, sleepy, very dry skin, and wondering why you get sick easily and keep wandering what has gone wrong. Here is why…

The REAL Why… Why You Still Feel Sucks Even You Have Followed The Conventional Guidelines & What You Can Do About It To Make Things Better

You are human, not a machine. After having long hours flight in the sky and crossover different time zones, means that you are putting your body into long term inflammation condition, which normally known as jet lag stress as stated above, And this inflammatory conditions are usually being overlooked by most of the people on earth most of the time. So you might ask, what’s the harm of inflammation? And stress from sleep disturbance due to frequent flying across different time zones, exposure to radiation from space due to flying in high altitudes, disturbance of sleeping cycles, and the wrong diet are the key trigger for inflammations. And…

Inflammation triggers the symptoms of diseases. The presence of inflammation is what makes most disease perceptible to an individual. It can and often does occur for years without you even know it until it exists at levels sufficient to be apparent or clinically significant. Inflammation may sound relatively harmless, but this situation can and often does lead to numerous serious and debilitating diseases. Since your immune system can become overburdened, these inflammatory triggers are cycled continuously through your blood where they affect nerves, organs, connective tissues, joints, and muscles. You can probably begin to see how diseases develop too. Without inflammation most disease would not even exist,” written by Dr. Marquis (Chiropractic Physician).

Now, let’s take a look at this list of diseases and their relationship with inflammation (table below is from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Website):

Disease Mechanism
Allergy 4 Immune Mediated Types + Sensitivities, all of which cause inflammation
Alzheimer’s Chronic inflammation destroys brain cells
Anemia Inflammatory cytokines attack erythropoietin production
Ankylosing Spondylitis Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions against joint surfaces
Asthma Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions against airway lining
Autism Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions in the brain arresting right hemisphere development
Arthritis Inflammatory cytokines destroy joint cartilage and synovial fluid
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chronic inflammation causes excessive muscle tension shortening tendons in the forearm and wrist compressing the nerves.
Celiac Chronic immune mediated inflammation damages intestinal lining
Crohn’s Disease Chronic immune mediated inflammation damages intestinal lining
Congestive heart failure Chronic inflammation contributes to heart muscle wasting
Eczema Chronic inflammation of the gut and liver with poor detoxification and often antibodies against Transglutaminase-3.
Fibromyalgia Inflamed connective tissue often food allergy related and exacerbated by secondary nutritional and neurological imbalances.
Fibrosis Inflammatory cytokines attack traumatized tissue
Gall Bladder Disease Inflammation of the bile duct or excess cholesterol produced in response to gut inflammation
GERD Inflammation of the esophagus and digestive tract nearly always food sensitivity and pH driven
Guillain-Barre Autoimmune attack of the nervous system often triggered by autoimmune response to external stressors such as vaccinations.
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Autoimmune reaction originating in the gut triggered by antibodies against thyroid enzymes and proteins
Heart attack Chronic inflammation contributes to coronary atherosclerosis
Kidney failure Inflammatory cytokines restrict circulation and damage nephrons and tubules in the kidneys
Lupus Inflammatory cytokines induce an autoimmune attack against connective tissue
Multiple Sclerosis Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions against myelin
Neuropathy Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions against myelin and vascular and connective tissues which irritate nerves.
Pancreatitis Inflammatory cytokines induce pancreatic cell injury
Psoriasis Chronic inflammation of the gut and liver with poor detoxification
Polymyalgia Rheumatica Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions against muscles and connective tissue
Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions against joints
Scleroderma Inflammatory cytokines induce an autoimmune attack against connective tissue
Stroke Chronic inflammation promoted thromboembolic events
Surgical complications Inflammatory cytokines (often pre-dating the surgery) slow or prevent healing

Tweet: Without inflammation most disease would not even exist.

In fact, your immune system drives the inflammatory process in disease is well established. Unfortunately, Western medicine offers little in the way of actual answers as to managing or overcoming the autoimmune/ inflammatory process, instead, they prescribe to suppress immune response/ symptoms that been alarmed by your body again and again.


The Scientific Reason Why Food Alone Can Kick Many Miseries Out Of Your Life – Can Be Told In These Simple Statements:

ONE: Your chronic fatigue problem that is caused by accumulated jet lag effect that never be treated properly which become a stress to your body. Unless you switch off the actual cause of fire(inflammation) within your body, if not, lethargy and bad feelings will forever be your best friend. Because all you have done is postponed the inevitable and potentially destroyed more of the building and repairing process of your body, by allowing the fire to be calmed in a subclinical fashion. Remember. Jet lag symptoms are a stressors that can alter your normal physiological function, metabolism, homeostasis, and whole-body nutrient balance. It is a form of chronic stress that will lead to high levels of inflammation in the body. Inflammation isn’t always bad, particularly acute inflammation in response to an injury or infection. But chronic inflammation, on the other hand, has been linked with a range of conditions such as heart disease, depression and even cancer.

And the inflammatory cascade that takes place by any inflammatory trigger can break down the intestinal permeability and allows for the leaky gut (= fatigued, inflamed and depressed gut) mechanism to initiate. The variety of triggers (such as diet, medications, infections, stress, hormonal, neurological, or metabolic) often reduce an individual’s immune reactivity but not cure it if leaky gut is not the primary trigger for the inflammatory process.

The truth of the situation is that FOOD MATTERS. And REAL FOOD is the most powerful drug on earth that most of the people take it for granted. What most people fail to understand is that NONE of the medicines are going to solve your long term accumulated health problems. It will ONLY solve the symptoms of your health problem. And the root problem is in the food you take in daily. And the food you ate can either be energy generating or energy depleting to you. If you did not take good care this part of your life, it can become a secondary trigger later in the development of any disease condition.

footballerEven footballer have nutritional strategies that purportedly counterbalance dehydration, hyperthermia, hypothermia, hypoxia, acute or chronic substrate deficiencies, sleep loss of internal biological clocks due to jet lag . Why not you?

Tweet: REAL FOOD is the most powerful drug on earth

TWO: Consuming the right nutritional foods goes hand-in-hand with your sleeping hygiene strategy in combating jet lag. As studies have found that people who rest properly and eat well-balanced diet tend to have fewer and lighter jet lag symptoms than other individuals who practicing an unhealthy eating lifestyle. Besides, you need energy to work, you need energy to feel good, you need energy to serve passengers on plane, you need energy to be alert all the time while in the sky, you need energy to repair your damaged body cells and organs, you need energy to eat, and you even need energy to sleep! Hence, without real food, your inflammatory body could not be repaired, healed and recovered fast enough to have that energy to bring to work and be ready all the time to serve others when is your turn to be in the sky. In fact, the most important thing that you can bring to your day, is ENERGY.

In other words, you’re like energy plants, like an energy generation plant, like an engine. You’re a furnace, and your furnace is not running at full capacity if you’re not fueling yourself the right fuel by eating the right foods.

Tweet: The most important thing that you can bring to your day, is ENERGY. Everything is energy and energy is everything.

THREE: (THE GOOD NEWS) Since you already learnt that food that you take in will impact the speed of recovery of your body from inflammations; impact your energy level; and impact your daily performance, I will show you what real food to eat, how to eat it right without starving yourself or torturing your digestion, health and energy furnace in the next coming weekly episode. I will teach you how FOOD ALONE may end your chronic fatigue once and for all – bring your vigor and vitality up high where they ought to be – youthfully your face and figure as the major side effects – get you singing through life even if you have spent the last 5, 10, 15, 20 years “feeling rotten”!

Here is the quick summary guide on how to thrive after a long haul flight for flight attendants:

  1. Lifestyle: Remove energy-depleting mechanisms (Jet Lag, Stress, Poor Sleep, Blood Sugar Dysregulation due to bad food choices, Poor Social Behaviors.): Lifestyle factors are huge, the stress response triggers immune marker IL6 which turns on the immune pathway TH17 which is the fast track to autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases (as shown in table above).
  2. Lifestyle: Restore energy-generating mechanisms: Create conditions of love & appreciation, keep positive attitudes, have adequate sleep, restore blood sugar balance by choosing the right food, and facilitate healthy social interactions. All these things add up in your life and promote natural systemic opioids which pushes the immune pathway TH3 which reduces Autoimmunity.
  3. Energy-Food Support (The most important of all): Stabilize blood sugar, remove food intolerance triggers, and promote intestinal integrity with proper flora and nitric oxide and glutathione pathways. Include eating the energy-generating foods (in the next episode) and exclude the energy-depleting foods.

Further details about why energy-based food is important to you will be further discussed in next chapter, so stay tune for the next coming episode and remember to live with energy~ For now, thank you for reading till the end!


Your Energy Matters,





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