Amazing Turkey Jerky To Try Right Now

turkey jerky.png

Amazing turkey jerky to try right now! Here is the tips on how to prepare a yummy on plane healthy snacks for your long hours duty flight…All you need are simple 4 items! Nothing else.

Prep time: 10 mins

Turkey in oven: 6-10 hours (depending on your oven and how thinly you cut the turkey strips)

You’ll need: An oven (no fancy dehydrator necessary), a few kabob skewers (or wooden chop sticks)



Step 1:

Cut turkey breast into very thin slices (best to keep them as even in thickness as possible to help them dehydrate at the same rate)

Step 2: 

Sprinkle the turkey strips with a little more salt and pepper than you would any other food that you were about to eat (to bring out the natural flavor of the turkey, not to mummify it!)

Step 3: 

Skewer the strips of seasoned turkey with your kabob skewers (or wooden chop sticks) and hang the skewers from the upper rack of your oven. Just make sure than the strips are spaced out well to allow the strips to evenly dehydrate. Turn your oven on to 200 ºF, but don’t quite close your oven door. It works well to stick a nice big wooden spoon or other similar object in the door of the oven to allow just an inch or so opening for the humidity to escape from the oven as the turkey dehydrates.

turkey jerky2.png


Step 4: 

Check on it periodically with the oven slightly cracked open, it may take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. When the strips are completely hard to the touch with no hint of soft raw meat texture, your jerky’s done!

Step 5:

Keep it in zip-top bags in the freezer, especially if you don’t think you’ll eat it all within a week or so.

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