This ONE Particular Food is The Best Energy Generating Food On Earth

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After years passed… you might felt that you had done your best to gain knowledge of food, cooking and health, and you already know what to eat for your health and energy… yet, you still feel tired sometimes or even most of the time, and you keep wandering why… These might be one of the many symptoms that you are taking energy-generating foods the wrong way…

What is the highest energy-generating food on earth in no demand and the method to consume it always being overlooked most of the time?

Water. Why? Why water is the top among the 5 energy-generating foods on earth? Well, below are the top 3 reasons why water is important to you. Without it, you will have no energy to move, to think better, function better throughout the day.

  1. You can go without solid food for days, weeks, and even months, but going without water within 24 to 28 hours you can die if you’re labouring in the hot sun! But if a person is sedentary indoors, they may live up to 3 days, max. Why? Because water is predominant compound in the human body.  Studies have been done shows that if a 79kg man were to lose just 2.5% (2L) of water in his body, he will lose 25% of his body’s effectiveness towards survival. Besides, the human body gastro-intestinal secretes 1.5L of saliva, 2L of gastric juices, 500mL of bile, 1.2L inside intestine and 100mL thru fecal! And that is why you need to keep replenishing yourself with water once you wake up, in between meals, while fasting/detoxing, so that you won’t dehydrate yourself (dehydrate means your body tissues and cells are not getting enough water) and make you feel like not doing anything, experience headache, and always feel like taking a nap, because enzymes that produce energy in your body slows down and so are unable to produce energy for you either. Hence, water is not only the main source of energy, not only the “cash flow” of the human body, it is also very essential for your survival for your every part of the body cells and organs to function properly.
  2. Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside each and every cell of the body, it provides power to live and electrical energy for your brain to function properly, particularly in thinking. Water prevents clogging of blood vessels in the brain. It also reduces fatigue by increasing the efficiency of red blood cells in collecting oxygen in the lungs to the brain and other parts of your body. With sufficient oxygen supplies, you will think better and faster. WATER is like battery recharge your body cells so they remain buoyancy and bouncy.
  3. Water will also providing you energy throughout the day via acting as the main solvent for all foods, vitamins and minerals, it helps increases the rate of absorption and transportation of these essential nutrients in food to our body organs and cells. Water will help you energize your food and food particles are then able to supply the body with this energy during digestion thru it’s used in the breakdown process of food into smaller particles and their eventual metabolism and assimilation in the body. This is why food without water has absolutely no energy value for the body.

Thus, since water are indeed so important to you… Are you ready to learn how to drink water the right way so that it can help to fuel your body with more energy? Let’s dive in together.

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Do You Make These 3 Common Mistakes When It Comes To Drinking Water?

#1 You only drink water when you are thirsty. Even if you drink it, you drink a gallon of it at one go as fast as you can!

#2 You think that every kind of water will be good enough as long as it is purified/ alkaline/ being filtered/reverse osmosis?

#3 Water has no taste, so instead of drinking water, you choose to drink “water” with “other ingredients” added in it to let it taste better like coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, sugary fruit drinks and still thinking that you have drink enough liquids throughout the day?

Well, there is no right or wrong if you did that. It’s just that if you do so, you might NOT be able to harness the full benefits of water efficiently and effectively. For example, if you only drink water when you are thirsty, your body will get panics, as if they are not going to have water and they going to lose more of it since water, unlike fats and proteins, the human body has no stored water to draw on during dehydration. And hence, when your body system gets panic, it retains more of it and you get oedema (the “water fat” look… puffy and fat). So, never wait till you thirsty then only drink it!

How-to Tip #1: 

The first thing you should do in the morning is to consume about 17oz (500mL/2 cups) pure water after waking before having any form of breakfast to gently wake your body system up in the morning! And “drinking one quart of water per day for every 50 pounds of body weight while eliminating sodas, fruit juices, and coffee,” recommended by osteopath Dr. Joseph Mercola. In addition, drink your water regularly throughout the day. How to do it? Well, always have a big bottle of water next to you, so that it reminds you of drinking it always. But water does not taste good! Well, then squeeze two or three lemons or limes into each litre (L) of water and drink it throughout the day!

How-to Tip #2: 

Things your doctor doesn’t tell you? Drink good quality water. And what is the best PUREST highest quality of water to drink on earth? Not mineral water; Not well water; Not sparkling mineral water; Not bottled water; Not distilled water; Not tap water; Not Artesian water; Not Reverse Osmosis water; Not alkaline water. It is far better to alkalize the body with lots of vegetables, drinking spring water. It is Structured Water!

Not every man were born the same. So does water. Some water when you drink it, it will make your blood stickier and sluggish, whereas good quality water will act as lubricant, repel your cells with their negative electrical charges and smoothen the nutrients and cells and enzyme transportation flows in your body. What if you drink bad quality water? You will still feel tired, thirsty all the time as if you don’t have enough of water during the day, you will feel sluggish, and dehydrated. And still wandering what is going on with your body today. Structured water is free of memory, clean, and free of pollutants. It has a balanced pH. Balance is key. You need that for better digestion. You are designed to drink water that occurs naturally.

When we talk about structure, we are talking about the electrical properties and the energy properties of the water, so that water functions in a way that they should. Tap water has positive electrical charges, water that been structured has negative electrical charges. Things that have positive electrical charges are oxidized and they will oxidize other things. When it comes to our body, electrons been taken out from your body (sapping your energy) and not being added to it (give energy), so you are weakening your body structure, and we don’t want that to happen to us. Negative electrical charges water can hold energy, much like a battery, and can deliver energy too. It is denser than the H2O, it is H3O2, is effective not only in replenishing your energy, it also effective for wound healing.

So, where to find structured water? Well there are a few ways to get it or made it.

  1. As for a natural source of structure water for drinking, an ideal source is glacial melt. Structured water is a water that is mineral rich. We need water to have minerals. Not that we need the minerals in our body, it is the minerals contain in the water is inorganic. The minerals are from rock, water flowing off mountains and flowing everywhere down from top of the mountain and pick up minerals as they goes around the rock and earth area surfaces. We don’t need these pick-up minerals by water but waters need those minerals. Why? So that water itself can be structured. Unfortunately, this is extremely inaccessible for most people or you take a gallon or ten gallons of water and pour it in a mountain stream at the top of the mountain and then collect it at the bottom, the water is structured. But, you might ask… we live in the city, Kay! How could this possibly be done? Well, you can make it your own at home, just like Dr. Joseph Mercola do and suggested in one of his post blog. He personally drink vortexed water nearly exclusively as he became a big fan of Viktor Schauberger who did much pioneering work on vortexing about a century ago. Dr. Pollack found that by creating a vortex in a glass of water, you’re putting more energy into it. According to Dr. Pollack, virtually ANY energy put into the water seems to create or build structured water. Dr Mercola often recommended two simple approaches to restructure water:
  • Cooling it to about 39 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stirring the water with a spoon in a circular jar to create a vortex
  • Put in fridge

2. Otherwise? You can obtained from vegetable juice. Green vegetable juices will help your body normalize your body’s pH naturally. Replenish the electrons to us, act as antioxidant, instead of taking off our electrons and depletes our body cells structure and become dysfunctionable, and depletes our body energy. Juicing once a week and see how you feel.

3. Another good source is water from deep sources, such as deep spring water. The deeper the better, as structured water is created under pressure. Natural spring water is another excellent way to obtain this type of water and you can use to help you find one close to you. Other options is to buy from company who cares about water quality more than other does. Spring water like Ice Age and waters from remote areas like Hawaii, Canada and New Zealand, Fiji, etc. Another one is Mountain Valley Spring Water from Arkansas. It’s one of the only spring waters found bottled in glass. 

Bottom line? Optimise your water intake. There’s a lot of ways to do that. Structured water is massively important. Structured water is energized water. It’s water that you get if you take a fruit and squeeze the juice out of it or a vegetable. All that water is structured, the vegetable does it or the plant does it for you and it is the most easy accessible source of good quality water. 

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How-to Tip #3: 

Last but not least, water bottle choices will also affect your water quality. Recommended to use glass bottle as metal bottle or plastic bottle nowadays are not safe. While many plastic water bottles don’t contain BPA, bottles with resin codes 3 or 7 in the recycle triangle may. However, 95% of all plastic products in one study tested positive for estrogenic activity, meaning they can still disrupt your hormones even if they carry a BPA-free label.

What about metal bottle? Some metal water bottles leach more BPA than do ones made from the now-pariah plastic due to an epoxy-resin lining based on BPA’s recipe. However, most stainless steel bottles do not have this liner. Stainless steel leaches metal into your water as well.

Lastly, glass bottles, however, also leach chemicals, including aluminum, explains a study by Clemens Reimann of the Norges Geologiske Undersøkelse in Norway. Aluminum is sometimes added to soda-lime glass to make bottles more durable. Soda-lime glass is used for everyday items such as bottles for beverages, jars for food, and drinking glasses. However, it’s much safer than plastic. It’s the best and safest option for your drinking water.

95% of all plastic products in one study tested positive for estrogenic activity, meaning they can still disrupt your hormones even if they carry a BPA-free label. – Click To Tweet!

Key Benefits of Structured Water

What if you drank water throughout the day and instead of coffee and Coca-Cola or any other kind of sodas water, etc., but you drank water instead, and you had it next to you at all times, what would they feel like a week from now? How about a month from now? How about six months? How about a year? Let’s start with a week and then build it out.

People drink water and liquid all the time. People may take water for granted that it is good, but rather than drinking 32 ounces of Diet Coke or coffee a day, replace that with water and watch what happens to your energy level. And the side effects after four weeks of consistency on doing so, are…

  1. You will have more energy, feel enthusiastic, and full of joy for your life because your energy reserves speed back up quickly and efficiently since there’s no spike in energy and have that energy crash after sugar-insulin spikes. The key is to keep that energy sustainable and constant, and you want to keep your blood sugar at a level that is stable and sustainable.
  2. Your skin will become smoother as water helps decrease the effects of aging. Your eyes will look luster and shine because without toxic wastage burden in your body, you will start increases your efficiency at work as water expands your attention span and water restores your normal sleep rhythms only if your body gets enough amount of water every single day. With better sleep and hydration, water will help reduce fatigue and gives you the energy of youth.
  3. You’ll lose weight and feel great. I can’t promise how much you’ll lose, but you won’t hold water if you drink more water. And also you will lose weight because when your body is dehydrated, sometimes it won’t tell you with a dry throat but rather with a feeling of being hungry! Just think about it, if you just ate a sufficient meal not too long ago, how can you really need to eat again? Next time when you are hungry, drink a couple of glasses of pure water, and watch how your body reacts and hence you won’t eat again to add in more calories during the day! Eventually your body will stop telling you it’s hungry because you are maintaining hydration throughout the day and this is how you will slim down.

Hence, we can say that water integrates mind and body functions. It increases your ability to realize goals and purposes. And that is why we start with liquid when it comes to repairing, healing your body, as we want to make sure we take in the right food that produces the energy rather than depletes our energy. And that is the starting point for everyone who want to gain more energy.


Structured water is just one of the top 5 energy-generating food.  This will provide you with a foundation for further discussion on what, why and how to consume them right and most importantly what will happen to you when you take them in every single day.


About: Kay Chong is currently an energy-based food, constant jet-lag recovering & healing food researcher,blogger, healthy eating lifestyle strategist, and a community pharmacist. Kay shares healthy, healing & recovering food recipes, energy boosting food recipes for flight attendants who travel frequently across different time zones and combating with constant jet lag health issues every day. Every recipes that Kay choose, she will make sure that all the ingredients in each and every recipes that are being shared here is the best, healthiest, toxin-free and contain the most healing energy in it. Why? Because Kay believes that the REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS are the most powerful DRUG that can CURE and PREVENT ANY CHRONIC DISEASES on earth!

You can also find Kay on her Twitter, G+, LinkedInFacebookPinterest, and Instagram.



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