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I am an energy-based food researcher, jet-lag reporter, healthy eating lifestyle strategist, and community pharmacist. I research foods and ways to help people, especially flight attendants who travel frequently and fly across several time zones, to off set the jet lag effects, improve their energy level and quality of life in order for them to feel great and look great as the major side effects.

I share great stuff all the time in my blog post. In large quantity. I publish approximately 5-7 posts per day. My focus is on energy-based food, about jet lags, health & fitness, brain, science, and innovation…anything related to energy food that is worth sharing and that can help people to cope with jet lag issues.


There are 4 numbers to illustrate why coping with flight attendant’s jet lag issues are so important and relevant to warrant my attention.

101, 8 million, 37.4 million, 2.2 trillion.

  • 101 that is the exact number of years since the birth of commercial aviation.
  • 8 million, that’s how many people fly in the sky on average every single day.
  • A 37.4 million, that is number of flights being scheduled in 2014.
  • 2.2 trillion is the dollar amount that been generates in economic activity by commercial aviation.

sexy stewardessYet, without the great flight attendant crews, these miracles would not be possible and airline company would not be formed. Why? Because flight attendants are the traffic cops and you are the ones whom making sure everything is going well. You are the airline company’s image and representatives. But sadly, due to the fact that you have to constantly battling against different time zones, most of the time serving in an enclosed, isolated environment, you are very susceptible to jet lag and getting sick, jet lag researchers say.

Working as a community pharmacist and dispense jet lag medicines for years and seeing patients who keep taking medication for jet lag seems to feel better even after consuming those meds, makes me re-think that what patients may fail to understand is that those drugs are not going to solve your jet lag problems since studies have found that people who eat well-balanced diet tend to have fewer and lighter jet lag symptoms than other individuals who have an unhealthy eating lifestyle. The key to have more energy and improve the quality of your life. So, if you chose to keep on popping pills to ease your jet lag symptoms after landing, and never really making any changes, there was no right or wrong, you just have to know the consequences of doing so. As drugs will not solve any of your health problems.

Why? Because the most powerful drug on earth is not what I can give you or that you can buy from pharmacy. It is something that you can access every single day and every where around the world and it impacts your body more profoundly than any other drugs and that is…FOOD!

Over the time, if you keep putting your body under these kind of stress conditions, you will start creating and accumulating #stress in your body. And stress lead to inflammations. And #inflammations lead to all sorts of chronic diseases. And the worst? You will age faster than anyone of the people around you, your internal body organ, your skin, your beauty, and even your body system will get haywire and affect your body size so fast that not even branded make up or good cutting uniform can’t help you up to cover your most concerned flaws! And hence, since the damaged body system can no longer wait, and that is why I am here to finding ways to help you reverse your aging clock and reporting to you what works and what don’t, so that you can implement immediately to prevent or start hacking in into your jet lag issues and start to heal your body now, so that you can feel great, look great, and be ready and presentable all the time.



The posts you reading in your device is not original. I haven’t created the life lessons or experiences you’re about to read. But I have curated them into what I believe is a witty, wise, and even wacky compilation of ideals that you can lean on. I like to review these wisdom whenever I needed to.

As I often think back to its origins, these posts are a compendium of life lessons from 15+ years of experiences of others health experts in the health & food world.

I hope as you read these “slice-of-life” vignettes is that you read and refer back to the posts by categories again and again. They are ideal to share with your friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or your favorite blogs, to whom you think is relevant and need help on. My deepest wish in sharing these knowledge is that you’ll find them rich with insights and enough flair to spark new social conversations and seeds of social influence.

Friend, I do hope our paths cross often!


You can find me on

my Blog: https://kaychong8.wordpress.com/
Google+ here: https://www.plus.google.com/108280332865950406994/
Tweet me here: https://www.twitter.com/EnergyBulletRx
Add my FB here: https://www.facebook.com/kayluvholistic
Or find me on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/energybulletrx/

If you’re interested in knowing more about Kay, please connect with Kay, follow Kay, like Kay’s posts, and share it with your love ones! Because Kay believes “sharing is caring”.


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