Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Your Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

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If you were still wandering why and how to eat your way out of fatigue? Never eliminate good healthy saturated fats out from your daily meal plans if you want to eliminate your chronic fatigue symptoms and have more stable energy throughout the day. Why? Because your body needs it.

5 Key Benefits of Saturated Fat

Saturated fat, the second most essential sustainable energy-generating food that most people fear to take it or even fear to think about it. In fact, fat is the preferred fuel for human metabolism and a preferred fuel for the heart and has been for most of human evolution. Here is TOP 5 REASONS why…

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Key Benefits 1:

Fats are a major source of stable, densest source of energy as fat is a slow-burning fuel with 9 calories per gram, compares with carbohydrates and proteins that are 4 calories per gram, as the heart receives twice the amount of fuel per gram from fat as it does from carbohydrates. This make fat a more reliable energy source and your body never wants to run out of heart fuel and which is why when you overeat on carbohydrates and don’t eat enough of saturated fat and protein, your body automatically converts any excess calories to triglycerides (fat) and stock piles that fat for later use, for when food isn’t available, for when it is time to build cell membranes, the vital exterior of each cell, and the sheaths surrounding nerves.

Besides, fat is the clean fuel for the brain, create less oxidative stress to the body, although glucose/carbs and glycogen is the primary fuel to the brain. Hence, intermittent fasting is essential to train the brain to tap into your body fats and burn it as fuel or fasting your brain from glucose or glycogen by eating fats in the morning. Fats intake affect how your brain works, energy production, and brain focus ability.


Key Benefits 2:

Human species has thrived quite effectively for two and a half million years, recognizes that human metabolism is pre-programmed by evolution to be primarily fat-based, the real preferred fuel. And nature placed fat for your benefit in the original natural foods: eggs, milk, butter, meat, and poultry.  The proof of its importance is that saturated fat is a major component in human breast milk. Nature didn’t put saturated fat into mother’s milk by accident! Besides, even if you aren’t eating some types of foods that don’t have fat in them, your good gut bacteria will then turn them into fat too. Hence, you are actually powered by fat as there’s mechanism in nature to make fat in your body. There are also those studies that say that when you eat fat, even the same kind of fat that is made by bacteria in the gut, when you eat it, it has a different effect when you eat it than when you make it naturally and that you might want to be doing both. So why wouldn’t we just absorb fat directly?

In addition, when you consume saturated fat, it turns on glucagon (your fat-burning hormone), and release fat-burning enzymes, such as lipase to digest fats. This is your body’s nature design. You are a fat burner. The saturated fat you take into your body will be used, digested, and NOT be stored as fats like carbs do.

oxidise fats2

Key Benefits 3:

GOOD HEALTHY dietary cholesterol tends to suppress endogenous cholesterol synthesis and helps prevent atherosclerosis, and will NOT raise or affect your total blood cholesterol. In turn, when you do eat cholesterol, your bodies make less of it to help keep your blood cholesterol levels in balance. It means you are putting less stress to your body, especially your liver. Less stress = less inflammation in your body = more energy being reserve in your body and hence, you have more energy preserved and to spare and utilize in areas of life that are important to you.

How saturated fat gives you more preserved energy? Fats that you ingested, in fact, will slowly burn for about 4 to 6 hours, keeping your blood sugar level in normal range. And you’ll have more sustainable energy because there’s no spike in energy. The key is to keep that energy sustainable and constant, and we want to keep your blood sugar at a level that’s sustainable. So, meaning that your genes expect you to function optimally when you consume fats and you can easily access your stored fat anytime if you wanted to.

5_egg yolks

Key Benefits 4:

Fat is an “essential” nutrient. Essential because your body can’t make certain fats like the linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid and they aren’t zero nutritional value if you chose the right fats to eat, and they should contains essential nutrients. Just to name a few, for example:

  • One of the richest sources of choline, a vital micronutrient for liver function, is found in pastured egg yolk, which is a fat;
  • One of the better sources of vitamin K2, a nutrient involved in cancer prevention, arterial health and bone metabolism, is found in grass-fed butter, which is also a fat;
  • The best dietary source of vitamin D, a nutrient most people are deficient in, is found in cod liver oil, which is a fat too!

These fats are some of the most nutritious foods in existence and you need those nutrients to not just survive but thrive.


Key Benefits 5:

Fat contain one main ingredient that when most people hear of it will be afraid of and back off. What is that? Cholesterol. In fact, your body makes cholesterol when you don’t provide enough of it! Why? Because your body knows how necessary this substance is for survival, and it wants to ensure there is always some cholesterol present, in case you don’t eat any! Much of the cholesterol your body produces is made in your liver. You need cholesterol, because…

  • Cholesterol, this little waxy lipid (fat) molecule that being produce in liver or being consumed is then transported by LDL and shuttled to every cell in your body to repair and rebuilding your cells, hormones, neurotransmitters. And the used cholesterol is then being picked up and shuttled back to the liver via HDL. LDL and HDL act as a railway system, they are design to do what they are designed to do.
  • It’s function is to maintain the integrity of your cell membranes and helps keep your cell membrane fluid, and make it less permeable to substances that are not allowed to be in there.
  • Your brain cells too need cholesterol to make synapses (connections) with other brain cells, it is a critical structural and functional component in our human body.
  • Cholesterol is the precursor molecule for important hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, cortisol, and pregnenolone to be made. Cholesterol is needed for making the bile acids that allow us to digest and absorb fats too.
  • Cholesterol when interacts with sunlight to convert into all important vitamin D for us to have strong immune system and strong bones!

Hence, the bottom line? You can’t live without cholesterol, as it happens to be one of the most important substances in the human body. After all, why should we fear of consuming it when there are already many recent published studies that have concluded that saturated fat intake likely has NO relation to heart disease, contrary to popular opinion.

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If you want more anti-inflammatory, sustainable energy-generating foods topic discussion like this one, or you want to get on track to a healthier eating lifestyle to take any confusion out of the equation, follow my blog!

Remember, Your Energy Matters! –KayChong


About: Kay Chong is currently an energy-based food, constant jet-lag recovering & healing food researcher,blogger, healthy eating lifestyle strategist, and a community pharmacist. Kay shares healthy, healing & recovering food recipes, energy boosting food recipes for flight attendants who travel frequently across different time zones and combating with constant jet lag health issues every day. Every recipes that Kay choose, she will make sure that all the ingredients in each and every recipes that are being shared here is the best, healthiest, toxin-free and contain the most healing energy in it. Why? Because Kay believes that the REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS are the most powerful DRUG that can CURE and PREVENT ANY CHRONIC DISEASES on earth!

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Disclaimer: The techniques, strategies, and suggestions expressed here are intended to be used for educational purposes only.The author, Kay Chong is not rendering medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. It is imperative that before beginning any nutrition program you receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician. Kay Chong claim no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the material presented here.



  2. Young For Life. The easy no-diet, no-sweat plan to look and feel 10 years younger. By Marilyn Diamond & Dr. Donald “Rock” Schnell.


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