Simple 3 Ingredients Coffee Coconut Latte For Your Brain


Below is the Simple 3 Ingredients Coffee Coconut Latte For Your Brain and enhance your daily performance… Not the Bulletproof version this time 😉 Continue reading


7 Super Tips On How To Take Coffee The Right Way To Boost Your Daily Performance

In previous chapter, we already know that coffee could bring so much benefits and have so much impact your health… Yet, there are some things you can do in order to even maximize the beneficial health effects you get from coffee. Below are some tips to make your coffee super healthy. Continue reading

3 Simple Reasons Why Coffee Can Turn You Into A High Performance State Human

When it comes to coffee, there’s a lot of bad reputation, dissent and negative aspects among those who in some way due to the caffeine in the coffee is what they concerned about. Yes, caffeine can cause anxiety, jitteriness, heart palpitations, stomach discomfort, may exacerbate panic attacks, and even disrupted our sleeping patterns. But, all these will ONLY happened IF Continue reading

Are The Foods You Are Eating Today Sapping Your Energy? Eat These Energy-Generating Foods Instead!

fatigue FA.png

Despite the wild ride of the past few years, you are happily adjusted to your new life in the skies. Yet, due to routine packing and unpacking, living in the crashpad, hotels and sometimes layover waiting in airports more than 32 minutes each time, constant commuting on the road, constantly working in high altitude high radiation mobile office cubicle in the sky, constant flying (probably be in more than four countries in a week), and constant jet lag has sapping your energy level and was affecting your health, your emotional state… Continue reading