Thai Green Salad In A Jar (Grab & Go Version)


“If you’re tired of taking a bland lunch to work, it’s such a fun and easy recipe to make ahead of time because you can just throw it in a jar or bowl and go. If you end up putting it in a jar like Continue reading


The Best Nutritious Pre-Cooked Flight Attendant’s Food To Bring On Plane


This Crockpot Beef Stew recipe is delicious and very easy to make! If you’re looking for a fast, healthy and tasty meal with little prep, this is it!Dr. Josh Axe 

You can pre-cooked it and freeze it in advance. Below i will suggest you how to freeze it and keep it for future use. Remember to bring along with your mini crock-pot too during your flying days. Continue reading

Surprisingly Tasty Gluten-Free Pizza [Recipe]

Meat Lovers Pizza


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Author: Danielle Walker

No cereal? No granola? No pasta? No bread? No pizza? How do you expect a person to do that?

And YES it is possible to have a grain free life. Made yourself a gluten-free, grain-free crust pizza, like this one! In this blog post, I am sharing with you Danielle Walker‘s Meat Lovers Pizza Recipe. So yummy that you won’t even crave for the traditional pizza! In this recipe, Danielle choose to use three different flours for this crust to give it the complexity that regular crusts have, and to avoid the sweet flavour that most almond or coconut crusts have. You can top this crust with whatever your heart desires! Continue reading

How To Make Super Yummy Lemon Butter Scallops In Just 15 Minutes?

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Thank you all for being here again! Today I would like to share with you all on How To Make Super Yummy Lemon Butter Scallops In Just 15 Minutes! This recipe is courtesy of Chungahfood blogger and creator of Continue reading

Are The Foods You Are Eating Today Starving Your Body? Eat This ONE Food Instead!


At 11:23 PM, American Airlines flight attendant Kristen Heller finally lets herself yawn as the tiredness sets in on the shuttle to the crew’s hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 29, 2010. Her day began in Portland and took her to Dallas, then to Austin, back to Dallas and finally to Minneapolis.

Photo Credit: Courtney Perry


You might be the person who are able to stick to your diet and exercise plan all day, yet discipline will be dissolved at night… or as soon as you started to relax. You will hunt down all the sweet treats to fix the cravings. And you are thinking that a little bit of sweet treat after all day long discipline is ok. Yet, day after day… now as it turns out, this is more than just an issue of poor willpower. In fact, I don’t believe in willpower at all. Continue reading

How To Make Simply Yummy Energy Boosting Chicken Curry? An Indian Inspired Home Dish.


In this blog post, I would like to share with you all one of my favourite energy-boosting food…CURRY, so that you will know How To Make Simply Yummy Energy Boosting Chicken Curry , an Indian-inspired Home Dish at your own comfort home. Continue reading

Amazing Turkey Jerky To Try Right Now

turkey jerky.png

Amazing turkey jerky to try right now! Here is the tips on how to prepare a yummy on plane healthy snacks for your long hours duty flight…All you need are simple 4 items! Nothing else. Continue reading

Are The Foods You Are Eating Today Sapping Your Energy? Eat These Energy-Generating Foods Instead!

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Despite the wild ride of the past few years, you are happily adjusted to your new life in the skies. Yet, due to routine packing and unpacking, living in the crashpad, hotels and sometimes layover waiting in airports more than 32 minutes each time, constant commuting on the road, constantly working in high altitude high radiation mobile office cubicle in the sky, constant flying (probably be in more than four countries in a week), and constant jet lag has sapping your energy level and was affecting your health, your emotional state… Continue reading

The Most Practical, Quick & Easy, Healthy, Dry Meal To Bring On Plane: Salmon Cakes


Image Credit & Recipe Source: Mark Sisson & Diane Sanfilippo

Are you are looking for a quick & easy, healthy, dry food prep before boarding?  Continue reading

How To Make Super Yummy Ginger-Braised Ribs Recipe For This Special Xmas

This yumlicious Ginger-Braised Ribs Recipe are found on Dave Asprey‘s Bulletproof website. Of course, 125 recipes at your side would be even better! That’s why Dave is thrilled to announce his Bulletproof: The Cookbook. It has 125 Bulletproof recipes specially designed to upgrade your performance. You’ll learn how to diversify your diet with ingredients like dandelion and sumac, and how to make Bulletproof versions of Thai, Indian, Greek, Mexican classics, and so much more!

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