Reasons Why Your Morning Routine Isn’t Working

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Image by Tarchyshnik Andrei.

The idea of waking up early, sitting down to breakfast, and writing a few pages in a journal sounds great. But in practice, it rarely works out so cleanly. After a while, you start #sleeping in a little more. Then you skip writing, because you’re in a rush to beat traffic. And who has time for #breakfast, anyway?  Continue reading


Best 10 Immunity-Boosting Foods To Stock Up On


Best 10 #immunity boosting #foods to stock up on in your kitchen. While you can’t live in a bubble to avoid every germ, you can give your body an immunity-boost with every meal by Continue reading

Surprising Facts About Food Pyramids Evolutions

1943 food wheel

Photo Source: Good Magazine

Before MyPlates and Food Pyramids There Was the 1943 “Food Wheel”

and when butter, meat, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, etc were its own food group. Let me re-introduce you: The 1943 Food Wheel!

#foodpyramids #marksdailyapple #butter Continue reading

DIY: Natural Toothpaste

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Photo Credit: Liz Morrow

Coconut Oil for Healthy Teeth and Gums

#coconutoil is a safe, natural, and inexpensive tool to improve your oral health. Coconut oil has #antibacterial and anti-viral activity that makes it especially well suited for oral health. #toothpaste Continue reading

Latest Snacking Ideas

scorpion taste

Bored with artificial man-made snacks that been sold in the supermarkets? Here’s a #realfood #snacks for you to try out! If you #dare to. How does it taste like? Find out more here… Continue reading

How to open a tin of tuna without a can-opener [video]

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#FlightAttendants… You might need to know this survival tips while you are in the sky! Ideas from the Crazy Russian Hacker, in preparation for a Zombie Apocalypse comes a handy bit of information. And yes, they show that it is possible to #OpenATinCan without an opener. Continue reading

Why GMOs Bad For Us?


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GMOs, also known as Genetically Modified Foods, are food which have been genetically modify so that it can be sprayed with Continue reading