Surprisingly Yummy Fat-Burning Dairy Free Ice Cream


Do the ice-cream that you bought in store and wish to indulge with helps you burn off your fats? Ice cream is one of those things, as any aspiring health nut knows, it’s the combination of sugar and fat that leads to gaining fat (think donuts, pizza, nachos, and yes… store-bought ice cream)… Continue reading


Thai Green Salad In A Jar (Grab & Go Version)


“If you’re tired of taking a bland lunch to work, it’s such a fun and easy recipe to make ahead of time because you can just throw it in a jar or bowl and go. If you end up putting it in a jar like Continue reading

Hot Toddy Recipe To Stop Inflammation, Fight Bacteria, & Beat Colds (Non-Alcoholic Version)


Why Hot Toddy?

1. The hot steam from the boiled water will help loosen the mucus in your nose and throat and enable you to breathe more freely. Continue reading