How to preserve snowflakes forever [video]

preserve snow flakes

Looking for a special #gifts to #surprise your partner? Here is one! #Snowflakes! Continue reading


Tricks To Peel An Orange

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#Oranges are the perfect snack wrapped in their own #convenient packaging, but sometimes Continue reading

Surprising New Proposed Dietary Guidlines

New Guidelines

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“#Eggs and #coffee are in, #sugar is out and vegetables will always be good for you,” according to a committee of top #nutrition experts tasked with advising the #federal government. Their recommendations reflect the Continue reading

What No One Tells You About Building A Great Workplace Environment

positive workplace

Have a #premortem session with your team before working #together on a same project! So that you are able to prevent any serious #conflicts among team members in future.

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Worth-It To Think For Yourself


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The Hormone Supplement To Consider For Offsetting Jet Lags


Melatonin is a powerful #hormone with some surprising effects in the body. Melatonin is a common #sleep remedy that can be found in almost any #pharmacy or grocery store.

#Melatonin was first isolated in 1958 from a brain region called the pineal gland, and it was found to play a major role in the body’s #circadian rhythms. It promotes sleep and Continue reading

Best Studies On Showing What Happens When A Mouse Is Put In Mountain Dew For 30 Days

Over the past couple of years, the #CocaCola company has been plagued by an enormous amount of bad press, and for good reason. Here is what happens to your body just one hour after drinking a can of #Coke, and here are 20 practical uses for coke that prove it does not belong in the human body. And we haven’t even brought up the topic of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) yet… Continue reading

Quick Guide: Vitamins That You Should Be Taking & The Ones You Should Skip


There’s been much controversy surrounding the question of whether or not we need to take supplements daily. Critics claim that vitamin #supplements are a waste of money, as you can get all the #nutrients you need from your #diet, and also that most people are not, in fact, nutritionally deficient. Hence, not every supplements that been market Continue reading

Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again With Your Children

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Watch how #JamieOliver is transforming the way we #feed ourselves, and our #children. Why you should listen?

Jamie Oliver has been drawn to the kitchen since he was a child working in his father’s pub-restaurant. He showed not only a precocious culinary talent but also a passion for Continue reading

Best 8 Habits to Achieve Peak Performance in Life and Business

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To be #successful requires much more than just your intelligence and talent. There are basic needs which have to be met to function at your peak. These #habits are neglected by most people, impairing their capacity to rise to those higher levels of success and #happiness in life.

To be in #top form, you have to make yourself your most important investment in these 8 habits… Continue reading