7 Super Tips On How To Take Coffee The Right Way To Boost Your Daily Performance

In previous chapter, we already know that coffee could bring so much benefits and have so much impact your health… Yet, there are some things you can do in order to even maximize the beneficial health effects you get from coffee. Below are some tips to make your coffee super healthy.

Top 7 Tips To Drink Your Coffee In A Healthy Way

Super Tips No. 1

Drink your coffee one hour after you wake up and brew your coffee with a paper filter.

Why? This is because your cortisol levels spike after waking, which gives you a bit of energy, and then dip after an hour or two. Drink coffee in conjunction with this dip in cortisol in order to get the most out of the caffeine.

Why unfiltered coffee? Unfiltered coffee (such as Turkish or French press) contains cafestol and other harmful substances diterpenes, a substance that can increase cholesterol levels.

Super Tips No. 2

And how much to take is good for you? ONE CUP a day is perfect. Two cups is ok if you wanted (because you can take a coffee just right before your 20 mins nap.

Why? As this method has been powered by science to let the brain Adenosine receptors open up for the caffeine you just consume and metabolized in 20mins, your behavioral and cognitive effectiveness will be more productive than naps on it’s own, this could be apply to your long hour driving trip where you need to nap awhile before continue your journey).

WARNING! Three cups is the max.

Why? As one study showed that chronic high dose caffeine caused decrease blood flow to the brain. That’s why you should drink one cup of coffee per day on average, or two on very long days. Smaller doses of coffee on a daily basis are beneficial. Large doses all the time are detrimental. In addition, high amounts of caffeine can cause problems such as decreased insulin sensitivity, impaired brain function, jitters, nervousness, stomach discomfort, and decreased exercise performance. As with any drug, you can overdose. Moderate amounts of coffee will do nothing but good for most people, such as improves brain function, scavenges free radicals, and decreases your risk of disease. 

Smaller doses of coffee on a daily basis are beneficial. Large doses all the time are detrimental.

Super Tips No. 3

Neuroscientist, Chris Chatham said that the optimal dose of caffeine for mental performance is probably around 20-200 mg/hour.  An average cup of filtered coffee has about 100-150 mg of caffeine, so one cup per hour is a good starting point. BUT, there is only so much caffeine that your brain can deal with at any one time.  If you drink too much too soon, much of it will go to waste. If you take smaller, more frequent doses, you can get the full benefit from each speck of caffeine that goes into your body.

CAUTION: Pregnant woman should limit caffeine consumption to less than 300mg per day (100mg of caffeine/small cup).

There is only so much caffeine that your brain can deal with at any one time.  If you drink too much too soon, much of it will go to waste.

Super Tips No. 4

Caffeine is a stimulant. Hence, drink it before 2pm as it stays in body >10 hours. And, NEVER over-load your coffee with those sugars that contain high fructose in it such as High-Fructose Corn Syrup HFCS-55 (55% fructose, 45% glucose), table sugar (50% fructose), non-natural honey or honey (50-55% fructose), agave nectar (90% fructose)!

Why? These sugars are the single worst ingredient in the modern diet, mainly due to the high amount of fructose, that is NOT essential to your body functioning and can cause all sorts of serious diseases like obesity and diabetes and has been proven to be the culprit to raise blood triglycerides (increase insulin resistance and accompanying risk of diabetes as well as inflammation with risk of heart attacks) and fructose is more ready to turned into fat storage.

How? When large amount of fructose enter your liver (the only organ that can metabolize fructose) and it is already full of glycogen, most of the fructose gets turn into fat. Finally, it’s been shown to impair the balance of minerals in the body. Hence, be careful when choosing your own sweeteners as not all “natural sweeteners” are good for you. Yet, artificial sweeteners definitely the bad guy as they are highly processed pseudo-food. Another famous bad guy that been sold world widely is Aspartame. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener. When it breaks down in your body, your body doesn’t have the metabolic machinery to detoxify it like other species do. Humans just don’t. As a result it goes into the body, passes the blood brain barrier, there it’s detoxified to formaldehyde; a potent neurotoxin. Formaldehyde destroys your brain cells and de-natures your DNA. It’s as toxic as can be. It can cause seizures, migraines, even brain tumors. Just recently Pepsi announced that they’re taking aspartame out of Diet Pepsi.

Super Tips No. 5

AVOID all 3-in-1 coffee, readily packed white / black coffee or any other coffee with lots of sweetener in it!

Why? Because caffeine tends to reduce insulin sensitivity. Meaning that, when you drink coffee, the efficiency with which your body handles incoming glucose is being reduced, blood sugar increases. Yet, it is not necessarily a terrible thing, though. Why? Everything happens for a reason. Caffeine when being consume, increases adrenaline, which increases lipolysis, that is, the liberation of fatty acids from body fats! Good news for people who wanted to have more energy and burn off that extra fat. Thus, coffee increased the availability of energy in the form of free fatty acids. And the free form of fatty acids shooting around in your body is what causes the necessary drop in insulin sensitivity in order to allow you to actually burn the fat. So, does this sound a good thing or bad thing to you? For me, it is a good thing to happen!

Hence, the best is to buy own coffee beans or powder and brew it. And make it Bulletproof by adding in healthy saturated fats like the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) coconut oil and/or unsalted grass-fed butter and/or free-range egg yolks to maximize the coffee’s health benefits and make it a great efficient fat burning cup of drink and give you the energy boost, mentality focus to start your day!



Super Tips No. 6

Buy single estate coffee beans since you will know exactly where they come from, that is:

  • Don’t buy “blends” of coffee. They are usually a mix of cheap beans from multiple sources.
  • Choose coffee bean that has less moldy, such as the Arabica Beans and the Bulletproof Beans.
  • AVOID natural processed beans (full of debris and bird faeces) and wet process beans (skin being removed and become susceptible to toxins).
  • Worst cases, if you caught without upgraded, quality beans, go for americanos instead of black coffee.
  • Steaming can help break down mold toxin, mycotoxins, making americanos a better choice. But if you wanted to have more antioxidant content from coffee, opt for high quality low mycotoxin ROASTED coffee beans!
  • Also avoid almost all decaf. Caffeine protects the beans form more mold and most decaffeination either introduces new organic toxins or contributes to mold. Bottom line is that choose mycotoxin-free coffee.P/S: Take a test to have coffee free days. If you need coffee to function – you’re addicted to it and you need to find a better solution.

Decaf coffee bad for you. What is so good about caffeine? Caffeine protects the beans form more mold and most decaffeination either introduces new organic toxins or contributes to mold.


Bulletproof Coffee

Super Tips No. 7

Avoid low-fat creamer or any artificial creamer! They are non-real food OR pseudo-food.

Why? These products tend to be highly processed and full of unnatural, harmful ingredients and preservatives like high-fructose corn syrup in it too! This is why you should avoid non-real food or pseudo-food and low-fat food since it is far more easily to over consume highly processed artificial fructose (HFCS) than the natural fructose! Besides, studies show that these type of sugar does not cause proper satiety as blood flow to the brain area called hypothalamus that supposed to regulate our food intake was being decreased unlike the person who eat glucose. In addition, another study also revealed that fructose didn’t reduce levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin like glucose and good fats. In simple word, the more ghrelin, the hungrier you are. Thus, you will eat more. And the more sugar you will be craving for. If we were physically addicted to something that is good for the body and health and energy level long termly, it will be worth doing it. But if you were addicted to something that is bad for you, you better avoid it totally. 😉

In fact, we should really put in some natural fats into your coffee and act as cushion for the caffeine, causing it to release more slowly in the blood, providing sustainable energy level, instead of jolt of energy followed by a crash.



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